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(no subject) [Aug. 13th, 2009|09:04 pm]
 I'm here to bloggg (: 

Hais, so much exams coming up. >.< kinda stressed up  by it, but not so much. : D guess and hope i'll do pretty well. 

i really miss the times in PL recently, especially the my dollies! (: Clickers! I very much want to meet them up but it seems that they are always busy. ): schedule and time can't seem to match for all of us. 

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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2009|11:28 pm]

i've not moved to any other links nor stopped my blog.
I'm just to lazy to blog cause it's the same routine everyday. :D wait till i have something different then i'll blog k! Hees. :D
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(no subject) [Jul. 29th, 2009|10:50 pm]
 Sorry for the super lack of updates. I mean. YEAH. 3weeks. Hah. (: 

Anyways, i just looked back on my life.. thinking how childish and immature i was last time. i just felt that everything that happens made me grew so much more a happier and confident person. i thank god for those. To think i use to be so stupid to suck myself into everything that happened. hahaha.

my life was so much backstabbing, hurts, pain. Thank god i emerged from it. Thank god i was a wimp, cause i was scare of pain if i ever committed suicide in any way. HAHAHAH. XD

I've never rly made any close friends. That's one of my regrets in life. Regretted being so isolated. Hah. But i thank god that i have Him as my best friend. Sigh. It's very sad to say. It's seems so difficult for me just to get a best friend. Maybe he'll place one soon in my life, but i thank god i have Him. and baby. (: 

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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2009|12:06 pm]
[Current Music |Thriller - Michael Jackson]

 The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.
- Michael Jackson

apparently, i found it so true. (: the meaning you have in life is how you express your life. (: Indeed, even if MJ dies, his legend and legacy lives. Although i'm not a huge fan of him, i found that his life could have been a shiny one, but it's covered with so many dark spots. Indeed, fame is not something that can be enjoyed. there's a price to pay for fame. (: Hah. 

RIP Michael Jackson. Your legacy will be carried on by many other artises. 
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2009|05:29 pm]
[Current Location |School. ):]

LOLOL, hahaha. :D here to update. haven been updating. ): sorry yeah. (:

haha, life has been fine. just that i've been falling sick now and then. ): sigh. falling sick really suck and i think i should go head for the doctor, but i'm srlys like too lazy and don't feel like going to the doc. i guess might just be i'm dehydrated all the time. (: haahaha..

theory test and exams are coming up and frankly speaking, i'm not a least bit ready for it. Poly life seems to be going kind fast but slow at the same time which rly scares me off. Like, you're going at your own pace, very fine, very comfortable and suddenly, your rushing like some bullet train. the feeling is not nice and it rly sucks. ): hurr. hahaha..

my slipper spoilt like yeah! (: lols. -_- encounter it all the time, especially when i'm out sigh..

anyways, i gtg! (: update when i feel like again. (: hahahahhaa. XD update me of any new songs yeah! (: 
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dance my stress away! [May. 21st, 2009|12:05 am]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |Wait For You - Elliot Yamin]

Hah, :D got something to update alr. :D heeeees.

yepyep, anyways.. (: i'm been coping well with my work just a lil faggots here and there that doesn't do their part for the project. >.< but anyways, it's still completeddd at least. ha-ha. ummm. gets me a lil on my nerves during the process, and like yeah. tired, cause i'm staying up everyday to do the work. sigh,

anyways, been dancing for the past two days. started on a new chereography, on the song wait for you - elliot yamin. (: you guys should listen to the song. i love the lyrics damn alot. i keep listening to it now. xD, haha. everytime after dance, i'll feel so light and carefree. today, i felt literally like i danced away my stress that i fell asleep on the floor. HAHAHAHA. :D HO KEE ZI IS A FUNNY DANCER. KUKUHEAD DANCES LIKE A GROOVY CHICKEN! HAHAHAHA. XD. i actually took a vid of them dancing. will post it up soon. xD maybe next post. (:

Ummm, as some of you know.. i failed my bio test. MY FIRST TEST IN NYP & I FAILED IT. it consist 25% of the module.. so it's like i've to work super hard for the next test. >.< i was kinda discouraged and disappointed at first, but well, i actually think that God brought me to my cell blog which actually motivated and cheered me up. although till now, i'm still a lil discouraged and disappointed with my results, i know that God will bring me thru. He's there for me, there's nothing to fear. All i have to do is to put in my effort. Thank god kukuhead was there to encourage me too. Teehee.

Gosh, i'm so tired. >.< i'm still up for my project. HURRRRR. i'm broke & outta money. >.< kill me people.

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Figuring [May. 12th, 2009|10:11 am]
[Tags|, ]

Heyooooo, here to blog. (:
(i got nagged for not updating agn)

Anyways, yeah. I guess i needa blog more often so that i'll be able to control my emotions more. Here is like my emotion venting venue. (: sigh.. Umm. Poly life is still.. trying to adapt. Seems kinda slow, but i guess i'm the one slowing it down. :/ HEES. i don't wanna go fast paced. >.<

Umm, ICA Projects and Exams are like coming up which makes me a lil worried. >.< kinda hope that those will never come, (which is rather impossible), but anyways, I'm sure God will bring me through all these. So glad that His there for me. (: Same goes for kukuhead. (: Hah. Umm.

I'm still trying to figure out what is sense of urgency. Somehow i grasp the concept, but i've no idea where to apply it to, rather.. HOW?! Sigh, i guess i've to push my project group a lil to complete work, but i've no idea where to start from. I guess i've to ask God about that. (: I really thank God that when i'm down and feeling discouraged in school, his there to comfort and push me forward.  

I'm going off, shall update soon. (:
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Schoool Sucks. [May. 8th, 2009|08:17 am]

Here to update! (: (Cause someone keeps saying that i didn't update. x.x)

Hahaha, (: I'm waiting for nana (shirlyna) to come t meet me at macs.. sooooooo. I have free time now. (: 

kukuhead sent me to school ytd, which made me so happy cause he had to rush down over to my house. (: hahaha, thankyou! (: hees. then.. went to school. had lectures and tut. (:

The stress in school is building up & the worse thing is project progress is so slow. I'm getting kinda so tired of doing project.. when it's only the first! sigh, i gotta get use to poly life. who says poly is slacker than JC. T_T seems no difference. just that JC is having exams, we're having projects. Bio test is coming up and i have not rly started on revision. >_> let's hope i won't flunk my first paper.

gosh, lecturers are all saying it's just the honeymoon period?! sigh, i think my days ahead will be downhill yoooh. if my first few weeks are just honeymoon then i think my days ahead will be super tough alr. Rly wish tt project progress will be faster, so we can just move on. Guess what? now i understand why secondary school tchers always say we have to have a sense of urgency. now i get what it means. No urgency = project die. ):

Aiyohh, i thank God tt he has always been there to encourage me and push me frward and on. (: His constant encouragement and comfort makes my day. Ofcourse, kukuhead makes my day by cracking jokes too. XDDDD.

Gees, i rly miss secondary school. Anyways, on a lighter note.. i'm joining a dance group! : D not foreign bodies but.. something esle. xD will reveal soon. SOOOOOOOON. You will see me dancing with joy~ :D Music rly makes my day yooooooo. i should sit down and compose another song one day. i miss that feeling so much. (: 

Hahaha. ;D
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Holiday [May. 2nd, 2009|03:55 pm]

Heyoooooooooos people, imma here to blog. (: 

Yeha, :D, Yesterday was labour day and it was fun day! (: Hohohoo, I was out w kukuhead, max & connie. (: we took srlys funny photos & will update it when i get my hands on the photos. (:< i was the most spastic one ever! (: 

Haha, i kinda realised, everyone gets more sociable when they are in poly. I wonder what's the effect. Including me. (: Hahaha, like everyone seems to be more into joining CCAs, mingling around and even like wanting to lead in leadership! :D, hahaha, i guess poly life is really(!) different from secondary.

I was just thinking back into the past where i had fun around the girlfrds back in PL. it's a much different kind of fun. :D, but well, my girls in poly are a fun bunch too! (: Laughters everyday.

Umms, were supposedly out tdy but until this time.. i'm still not out. So, i suppose, i'll only be out during dinner. :/

I'm much more emotionally stable today. (: Due to the overwhelming & unexpected heavy workload, i was close to suffocated, but well, i got over it so i guess i just have to take what it is. (: I'm so glad He has been there to walk me thru this period, when it seems so tough ahead. What i took was so uncomparable for what He took for me. Continue to give me the strength. Thankyou Father. (: I'll overcome what you told me. I'll do my best shot and not let you down. (: 

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Boring Lecture. [Apr. 29th, 2009|10:10 am]

Hahaha, (: I'm having bio-chem lecture. -__- I'm actually studying what i studied in secondary schoool. SOOOOO BORING.

I wonder how does my student card looks like duuuuh. I'm soooooo looking forward. Anyways, i had fever a few days ago, & seems like all my friends know about it. I feel so honoured. LOL, i was wondering if i got swine flu. :PPPP, kidding. i wish i dun have.

I'm so tired like everyday, it's early waking up everyday. I'm so confused regarding the school elearning. i think they should just forgo it. SO BLOODY CONFUSING. i don't know which lecture need to attend, which one no need attend. like ytd, almost missed a lecture cause i thought is.. electure then no need to attend. in the end need to attend. -_-

i'm hearing hydroxide ion. PH! (: LOL. I'm neutral. (: i'm rarely so awake in morning lessons. In poly, i found out that i can stay awake better. Secondary school is literally sleep all the way.

Hurrhurr, i miss PL. i'm not going back so soon yet, cause i have too lil time now to actually go back. I think i'll go back next week. ANY PL LITES going back next week? : D Hahahaha.

I found a few PL in my cohort in NYP. So unexpected. i thought they were going JC.. Like they are uber smart, and i thought they were aiming for JC.

Actually, stress level everywhere is the same i realised. HAHAHA.

signing off,
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